Die hier gelisteten Termine sind zentrale Veranstaltungen im Themenfeld Hochschulrankings. Die Liste soll Orientierung bieten, ist aber nicht als abschließend zu verstehen; sie hat keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit und keinen Empfehlungscharakter.

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Termine im Jahr 2023

IREG Observatory Conference 2023
26. - 28. April 2023 – „Rankings and University international exposure“, in Taschkent/ Samarkand, Usbekistan

QS EduData Summit 2023
7. - 19. Mai 2023 – „Data Inc: Driving reputation through edudata“, in San Francisco, USA

QS Higher Ed Summit Europe 2023
27. - 30. Juni 2023 – „Education at a Crossroads: Sustainability, Digitalisation, Crisis and the Student Experience“, in: Dublin, Irland

THE Europe Universities Summit 2023
3. - 5. Juli 2023 – „Beyond resilience: How European higher education is preparing for the future“, in Warschau, Polen

Esss - European Summer School for Scientometrics
4. - 8. September 2023 –  in Rom, Italien

THE World Academic Summit 2023
26. - 28. September 2023 – „Collaborating for greatness in a multisdisciplinary world“, in Sydney, Australien

THE Innovation & Impact Summit
7. - 9. November 2023 – „Universities and cities: Advancing sustainable innovation“ in Shenzen, China

Termine im Jahr 2022

THE Innovation & Impact Summit 2022: What makes a successful innovation climate?
26. – 28.4.2022, Stockholm (hybrid), Schweden
Tagung des Rankinganbieters Times Higher Education rund um das Thema „Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung“. Live Veröffentlichung der Ergebnisse des diesjährigen THE University Impact Rankings.


  • How universities can create a national innovation culture
  • Regulating responsibly – is there a role for universities?
  • Assessing impact – where can universities make the greatest intervention?
  • Lean innovation – the value of diversity


THE World Academic Summit 2022: Trajectories in higher education: Meeting rising expectations
10. - 12.10.2022, New York, USA
Jährliches Hauptevent des Rankinganbieters Times Higher Education, dieses Jahr in Zusammenarbeit mit der New York University, mit Vorträgen, Podiumsdiskussionen und der Bekanntgabe der THE World University Rankings 2023.
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  • What are the successes and ongoing challenges to universities as engines of social mobility? Is the “meritocracy model” a help or a hindrance? What might replace it?
  • Beyond career success, how are universities shaping students’ personal growth and transformation? Is this the key priority of higher education for the needs of a future economy?
  • From an institutional perspective, what drives a university’s trajectory? How much autonomy does a university leader really have? Can they truly direct change?
  • Can higher education guide its own disruption? Or must external agents develop new models of research and learning and compete with the established paradigm to meet “consumer” demand and governmental/societal expectations?
  • Has the Covid-19 pandemic forced new demands on higher education? How much should universities be expected to take on and redress the range of inequities – health, economic, racial, and social – laid inescapably bare by the pandemic? How will they respond?