European Rectors' Conferences want to safeguard collaboration with Great Britain

22. July 2016

The Presidents of Rectors’ Conferences in 24 European countries have proclaimed their support for continued collaboration with British universities, even after a Brexit. In the joint statement, also signed by the President of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK), Prof. Dr. Horst Hippler, the Presidents point to the great significance of the collaboration for the development of universities throughout Europe. They say that pooling infrastructure, data and expertise is of fundamental importance in knowledge-based societies.

Joint Statement of the Presidents of European Rectors´ Conferences:

We as European university leaders wish to reaffirm our commitment to international cooperation and exchange in this turbulent time for Europe. We are strongest when we tackle issues collaboratively, when we exchange ideas and people, and when we open our hearts and minds to new perspectives and new knowledge. Collaboration is also a cornerstone of innovation and excellence. It is by pooling infrastructure, data and expertise that we can best pursue ground-breaking research which improves people’s lives and help to build strong and sustainable knowledge economies.
The outcome of the UK’s referendum on EU membership will mean a new relationship between the UK and the rest of Europe, but we will work together to ensure that the long-standing research and exchange relationships between Europe’s universities continue, for the benefit of people across the continent.
The Presidents of European Rectors’ Conferences

The HRK President had made an appeal to policy-makers immediately after the referendum to create strong foundations for future collaboration with British universities. (Press release date 24 June 2016)