Brazil represents an important partner for Germany in international cooperation in higher education. This is reflected in the large number of partnerships that exist between Brazilian and German Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Yet it is not only in this context that the HRK maintains close ties with Brazilian partner organisations such as the ANDIFES (Associação Nacional dos Dirigentes das Instituições Federais de Ensino Superior) and the CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior).

In November 2011, the HRK concluded an Agreement for Cooperation in Higher Education between Germany and Brazil with five Brazilian partner organisations. The cooperation agreement contains proposals on cooperation between the HEIs in both countries in teaching, learning, research and development, as well as in continuing professional education and knowledge and technology transfer. "The agreement will contribute to the continued promotion of cooperation between the HEIs in both countries and will facilitate the mutual recognition of credits and qualifications. It contains proposals on the mutual recognition of academic degrees and qualifications, and for the admission of German and Brazilian students and doctoral students“, explained Margret Wintermantel, President of the HRK. The German HEIs have now been invited to join the bilateral agreement. This new agreement replaces the former framework agreement for German-Brazilian cooperation in higher education that was concluded back in the 1990s.