European University Association (EUA)

The EUA is the largest representative of higher education at a European level. Its members include universities and other institutions with a strong research focus, as well as national Rectors' Conferences. Members can be institutions from across Europe as defined by the Council of Europe.

The HRK has been an institutional member of the EUA since it was founded and actively participates in the opinion-forming processes in the governing bodies of the EUA. This is particularly true for the Council of the EUA, which comprises the presidents of the national Rectors' Conferences and the Board of the EUA.

The EUA is an important partner for the EU Commission, which also finances most of the EUA's higher education projects.

The HRK, represented by a German university representative, is a regular member of the EUA's Research and Innovation Strategy Group.

The EUA established the "Council for Doctoral Education" as a subsidiary that is open to all universities that want to engage with doctoral studies at a European level.

The EUA currently has 35 Rectors' Conferences and 759 universities as full members . These include 64 German universities and 40 German universities of applied sciences (as of 31/12/2023).

German universities are also active in other European higher education associations with overarching interests.