Representative offices of German universities abroad

Representative offices abroad can be an important element of the international strategy of a German university.

These offices perform a wide variety of tasks. The focus is normally on services for the individual university or alliance of universities. Representative offices abroad first of all serve as a point of contact for members of the home university and its partner universities in the host country and sometimes in the wider region. They help students, teaching staff and researchers to succeed in their endeavours and assist in maintaining a university’s or university alliance’s international contacts and alumni networks. In many cases, they help universities or alliances to recruit international students and researchers.

At the same time, these representative offices raise the profile of a university or university alliance in key research locations worldwide, thus making an important contribution to the international visibility of the German higher education landscape.

The tasks and priority areas of the individual representative offices are explained in the list.

About the information provided here

About the information provided here

The main criterion for inclusion in the list of representative offices abroad is that at least one person represents the interests of the university or university alliance locally, while being integrated into the central organisational structure of the university or university alliance in Germany. The information was provided to the HRK by the relevant universities and university alliances.

Representative offices of German universities abroad that are primarily concerned with teaching and research activities and representative offices of individual faculties, departments or institutes are not included in this list. The same applies to offices of German research organisations abroad, diplomatic representations, liaison offices of German federal states, cities or other institutions, and representative offices of European university alliances of which German universities are a part.