Framework Agreements for Cooperation in Higher Education

The "Framework Agreements for Cooperation in Higher Education" are concluded by the HRK with partner organisations in non-European countries. They have a role analogous to that of the bilateral "equivalency agreements" concluded with European countries for the promotion and organisation of international academic mobility.

Although each Framework Agreement may have a different main focus, they all contain mutual recommendations regarding the admission and enrolment of students at different levels of study and access to doctoral degree programmes.

Each agreement, again with a different main focus, will also provide recommendations on joint teaching and research projects in particular and, in the case of agreements between the HRK and the foreign partner institutions, on information exchange, consultations and cooperation in areas of higher education policy.

Some agreements also contain arrangements for exchange students to be exempt from paying the tuition fees of the host university. The agreements are concluded as "Framework Agreements" in which both German universities and universities in the partner country declare their participation.  In so doing, they give greater binding force to the recommendations regarding the recognition of academic qualifications and admission modalities, in particular, through the link to conditions for recognition and accreditation of credits set out in examination regulations.

HRK-Framework Agreements for Cooperation in Higher Education

Argentina 2015 spanish

Australia 1993/2000 english

Brasilia 2012 portuguese

Chile 1999 with appendix 2000 spanish

Chile 2009 Doctoral Degree Proramme german

India 2002 english

Japan 2015 english

Korea 2007 english

Columbia 2002 spanish

Mexico 1997 with appendix 2002 spanish

New Zealand 2006 english

Russia (HRK/KMK) 1999 russian

Saudi-Arabia 2001 english

South Africa 2013 english

Taiwan 2005 english

Ukraine 2014 german