Who decides on the recognition of credits earned abroad?
The German universities decide themselves whether or not to recognise credits earned abroad. Germany has concluded equivalency agreements with some countries (EU). There are also arrangements between the HRK and its international partner organisations, which are referred to by the universities when assessing credits. For degree programmes with state examinations (Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, etc.), the state examining boards (‘Landesprüfungsämter’) decide whether or not to recognise credits.

Where can I get information on the recognition of qualifications earned in Germany, either to continue my studies abroad or to practise a profession abroad?
A number of countries have national information centres for the recognition of foreign certificates, where you can get information on the recognition and value of a qualification. The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) also provides attestations of equivalence upon request.

How can I get my foreign degree recognised in Germany, and which authority is responsible for doing this?

In Germany, degrees gained abroad will generally be recognised in their original form. It is not possible to convert them to a German degree. The Ministry for Education in each federal state is responsible for recognising qualifications.

How are foreign professional qualifications recognised in Germany?

Professions requiring specific training before they can be practised, and which are legally bound to the appropriate certificates (so-called regulated professions: doctor, lawyer, teacher and many more) must generally be recognised in Germany. Other professions do not require official recognition by the German authorities.

Where can I find information on the status of German or foreign universities?

The HRK's Higher Education Compass provides a list of state and government-accredited universities in Germany. Individual universities can confirm this status on the basis of the law of each federal state. The same applies for degree programmes approved and accredited by the government. Information on the status of foreign universities can be found in the database "anabin" of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).