HRK’s International Department cooperates with universities and corresponding organisations all over the world. Its aim is to represent the interest of German universities at an international level and to support German universities in their internationalisation process.

HRK focusses its work in the international sector on the following internationalisation aims of German universities:

  • Manage internationalisation professionally at executive level and develop an internationalisation strategy
  • Make internationality transparent, benchmark internationality, and compare internationality, and also set university-internal incentives for the internationalisation process
  • Assert the interests of the German universities in the development of international standards
  • Represent the interests of the German universities at strategically important locations around the world and create German study programmes and universities abroad
  • Shape the European Higher Education and Research Area
  • Gain foreign universities as strong partners of the German universities and take on international responsibility
  • Improve the mobility and interculturality of students, academics and researchers
  • Promote the benefits of doing studies, doctorates and research at German universities
  • Provide professional support and advice services for foreign students, doctoral candidates and researchers.