The German Rectors´ Conference (HRK) helps to set the political agenda and lead public discussion on all issues relating to the universities. It develops basic positions at German, European and international level. In this process, it collaborates with partners from academia and science as well as policymakers, employers’ associations and trade unions. The HRK represents the universities’ positions in Germany and Europe as well as on an international scale.

The HRK provides both national and international partners, policymakers, the media and society with general information, for example on the higher education system in Germany, on key research priorities of German universities and on European Research Policy, as well as on current issues such as the Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on German universities.

Furthermore, by hosting events and issuing publications the HRK supports its member institutions and provides them with a platform for exchange with each other. The HRK also offers individual consultation and has set up specific services like for example the project HRK-EXPERTISE Internationalisation and the HRK service project "International University Rankings", and gives systematic advice and support, e. g. on how to implement the Bologna Process.   

You will find an overview of HRK’s current activities in the left menu bar.