The HRK university clearing system opens on 1 February

25. January 2016

Already from 1 February, German universities will once again be providing information on available study places via the HRK university clearing system platform, where they announce the degree courses with places still available for the 2016 summer semester.

This year it is opening one month earlier than the previous years to deal with some of the universities' early deadlines in the admission procedure.

It is very important that those searching for places regularly check the offers, even after the universities' normal application deadlines have passed. Universities update the information on a daily basis. More places will become available at short notice as accepted applicants decide not to take them up.

Users can search the university clearing system by subject and location. For each place advertised there are details of contact persons at the relevant university and links to the universities' web pages.

Accessing the system is free and no registration is required.

The university clearing system will still close on 30 April. It will reopen between 1 August and 31 October for the winter semester.

The nationwide university clearing system was developed by the HRK and is offered as part of its Higher Education Compass. A joint service offered by the HRK and the University Admissions Foundation, it supports the maximum possible utilisation of available places during the development phase of the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV). For places with a local admission restriction, the DoSV is designed to compare offers made to an applicant and make the chances of admission and acceptance decisions more transparent for applicants and universities.

The addresses are: