HRK Senate: Digitalisation in teacher education is an urgent task

22. March 2022

The Senate of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) today adopted recommendations on digitalisation in teacher education. They include guidance for studies in individual academic disciplines, didactics and educational sciences, as well as on the changing needs of universities.

HRK President Prof. Dr Peter-André Alt commented in Berlin today: "We see every day that a knowledge of how digital media work is indispensable to life in the digital world and essential for a stable democracy. For example, it can be difficult to distinguish objective from interest-driven content on social media. This needs to be learned and practised – and school plays an essential role in this."

Universities must comprehensively prepare future teachers in their studies to be able to support pupils in dealing confidently with the digital world. This begins with a basic knowledge of information technology and extends to the potential of digital media for the support of disadvantaged children and young people. The universities have the task of integrating this range of topics into teacher education courses. "For this to succeed, we not only need universities to adapt their curricula, we also need a powerful digital infrastructure, and personnel who can build a bridge between technology and didactic application," said Alt. "This will require more resources for the universities."

"It is imperative that we also focus on the continuing education and training of teachers," said Prof Dr Oliver Günther, HRK Vice-President for Governance, Teaching and Learning.
"It does not always do justice to the current situation; the available options are confusing and need fundamental reform. In this context, a close interlinking with the education provided by universities is necessary to strengthen the scientific foundation of continuing education and training."

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