EU financial planning: German, French and Polish Rectors' Conferences emphasise the importance of universities

9. January 2019

The German (HRK), French (CPU) and Polish (CRASP) Rectors' Conferences welcome the commitment of EU bodies to negotiating the research, education and structural funding programmes for the years 2021-2027 quickly and effectively. The European Council has already stated its position on the proposals of the EU Commission. It is expected that the EU Parliament will soon comment on EU financial planning.

The three organisations have now addressed this crucial step in a joint statement and emphasised the importance of universities in safeguarding the future of Europe. In their declaration, the CPU, HRK and CRASP also call for the budget of European research funding in the 'Horizon Europe' programme to be increased from €100 billion to €120 billion for the seven-year period.

In this context, the CPU, HRK and CRASP welcome the new EU pilot programme of the 'European universities', which they claim places emphasis on the central role of the European university networks in the knowledge triangle of education, research and innovation.

The university organisations support the proposed solution of the European Council to make a distinction between the funding of civil security research on the one hand and research on culture and inclusive society, on the other.

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