Celebrating 20 years of Career Service Network Germany: an indispensable contribution to strengthening the employability of students

20. September 2023

Career Service Netzwerk Deutschland e. V. (csnd), the association of career services at German universities and academic institutions, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. At the annual conference starting today at the University of Münster, the anniversary provides an opportunity not only to take stock, but also to look ahead.

Some 25 years after the start of the career service movement in Germany and 20 years after the founding of csnd, career service work with its counselling, teaching and events has long been an indispensable contribution to strengthening the employability of students and an essential component of university counselling services.

Markus Haubold, the chair of csnd, says: "The framework in which career services operate at German universities has changed significantly since they were established. The demand for academically educated professionals is increasing, our students are becoming more diverse and international, and the world of work is currently undergoing major changes. This makes it all the more important to offer students support in their career orientation and the opportunity to develop relevant career-related skills. Through their contacts with employers, career services are important sources of support for students in the successful transition from study to work. For universities, they represent intermediaries who feed information and ideas from industry and the world of work back into the universities. It is therefore crucial to make sure that career services are sustainably funded and adequately equipped. As an association of career services, csnd supports this by offering training and opportunities for professional dialogue."

Prof Dr Ulrike Tippe, HRK Vice-President for Digitalisation and Academic Continuing Education, says: "Career services are a very important element of the counselling services offered by universities. With their high-quality counselling and professional contact management with employers, they ensure that those seeking advice can use the skills and knowledge they have acquired at university in industry and society in line with their individual interests. Through their work at the interface of research, teaching and transfer, career services not only contribute to students' employability, but also significantly to the fulfilment of the social educational mission of the universities."