Appropriate consideration of education and research in the reconstruction of Ukraine – Joint declaration by the rectors' conferences of France, Germany and Poland

25. October 2022

On the occasion of the international conference of the G7 and the EU Commission on the recovery, reconstruction and modernisation of Ukraine, the rectors' conferences of France (France Universités), Germany (HRK) and Poland (CRASP) have called for the importance of education and research to be given due consideration in the planning process. 

In a joint declaration, the rectors' conferences underline their readiness for long-term cooperation to support Ukraine in establishing modern and internationally attractive universities. As the core of a functioning education and research system, they play a central role in the reconstruction and long-term positive development of Ukrainian society and the country's economy. Effective universities are the prerequisite for the training of experts and leaders for business, politics and society in Ukraine; they ensure that research and development can support the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure in all key fields of action.

The rectors' conferences are calling for the G7 and the EU Commission to create appropriate political and financial conditions to enable long-term cooperation between Ukrainian and European universities. They note that the long-term nature of such efforts is key to the social and economic reconstruction and the successful further development of Ukraine as part of the European community of states.

Text of the statement