In November 2009, the General Meeting of the German Rectors' Conference adopted a National Code of Conduct for German Universities Regarding International Students.

The Code of Conduct aims to ensure that students from abroad receive the quality of support and advice needed when studying in Germany or that this support and advice is improved to ensure this. The code defines quality standards for foreigners studying at German universities and thereby establishes, for the first time, a set of common minimum standards in the fields of information and marketing, admissions, supervision, support and advice, plus follow-up services, on which international students can rely.

The guiding principle is, wherever possible, to grant international students the same rights as are available to German or EU students and, over and above this, to offer them the services and assistance that they particularly need as foreign guests.

HRK member universities may join the Code of Conduct as a voluntary commitment, provided that its standards can be met within a period of six months.

Participating German Higher Education Institutions


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