Aims of the project

The primary aim of the project is to provide advice to individual universities on developing and refining their institutional strategies. Moreover, HRK-EXPERTISE Internationalisation offers to support universities working on selected topics of internationalisation in greater depth as well as in all phases of implementing concrete measures of internationalisation. Depending on the university’s individual needs, different processes, aspects, and topics will be focussed upon and will be firmly anchored within the institution.

Furthermore, the project helps to identify and disseminate examples of good practice, promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience, and encourages networking and cooperation within the higher education system as a whole.

The dissemination and networking activities are based on findings yielded by an intensive analysis of the individual advisory formats and processes. This includes, amongst other things, compiling information on the strengths and weaknesses of the German higher education system, as well as recording further demands for advice and new topic areas. In this way, HRK-EXPERTISE Internationalisation continues to effectively contribute to strengthening Germany as a hub of higher education and science.