On 4 and 5 June 2014, representatives from Rectors’ Conferences and the presidents and rectors of Greek and German universities met to discuss the current state of the Greek and German higher education system and forms of future cooperation.

Cost cuts implemented in Greece to counter the financial crisis have resulted in drastic reductions in spending on universities. To save the higher education system from long-term damage, German and Greek rectors are calling for the savings to be integrated into an overall plan to further develop the Greek higher education system.

The German Rectors' Conference (HRK) and the Greek Rectors' Conference, Synodos Prytaneon Ellinikon Panepistimion passed a resolution to this effect at their meeting in Rhodes.

"Investments in education, research and innovation are crucial for the social and economic development of Greece," says HRK President Horst Hippler.
The rectors' conferences appealed to the German Federal Government to further promote cooperation between Greek and German universities and thereby support the Greek higher education system.

To conclude the two-day proceedings, the rectors' conferences also passed a Memorandum of Understanding on higher education cooperation.

Relations between Greece and Germany in the higher education are both close and long established. This applies to the university systems, which have certain elements in common, and to the large number of Greek students studying at German higher education institutions (HEIs). Despite this, a certain weakening in the strength of these contacts has been noticable in recent years.

Earlier meetings and agreements

Earlier meetings and agreements

In May 2012, a seminar for information exchange was held with representatives of Greek technical institutions. Participants discussed the developmental state of both countries, opportunities for strengthening cooperation in higher education and the trends in dual degree programmes.

In 2002, a seminar was held on the state of progress in both countries as regards the creation of the European Higher Education Area together with representatives of the Greek Rectors' Conference. They agreed to work towards concluding an equivalency agreement.

The main results of the seminar were summarised in a joint final declaration: Joint Declaration of the Greek Rectors' Conference - HRK Consultative Meeting, Bonn, Germany, 18 June 2002