Lifting the ban on cooperation – turn words into action!

Resolution of the 16th General Meeting of the HRK, 13 May 2014

HRK speaks out on the lifting of the ban on cooperation – it's time to turn words into action!

The General Meeting of the HRK is urging the Federal Government, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat to implement without delay the statement in the coalition agreement relating to the Federal Government's contribution to basic funding for the universities (Section 1.2). Basic university funding from the Federal Government and the federal states should be increased annually as is the case with non-university research institutions in line with the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation. To achieve this, the HRK believes that an amendment to the Basic Law is essential.

The HRK is also calling for an increase in overheads for publicly financed third-party projects to at least 25% (similar to the rules at EU level) as a step towards the full-cost financing of these projects. It is also appealing to the state governments to contribute to this increase in overheads.