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V. Foreign Higher Education and Education Systems, International Relations, Bilateral Relations
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Author STIGMAR, Martin
Title Learning from reasons given for rejected doctorates : drawing on some Swedish cases from 1984 to 2017 / Martin Stigmar
Publication year 2019
Source/Footnote In: Higher education. - 77 (2019) 6, S. 1031 - 1045
Inventory number 48291
Keywords Ausland : Schweden : Studenten, Studium, Lehre ; Ausland : Schweden : einzelne Hochschulen ; Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs : allgemein
Abstract The purpose of this study is twofold: (1) to survey whether dissertations have been rejected in connection with the examining committees’ sessions and, if so, upon which grounds, and (2) to conduct a problematizing discussion about the pros and cons of written criteria for doctoral dissertations. In Survey One (1984–2003), responses came from the humanities, law, and social sciences in six established universities. In Survey Two (2004–2017), responses came from the same disciplines at ten universities. The surveys are based on searches in electronic databases and written responses from the faculty offices. The results show 18 cases of rejected dissertations. Five of the dissertations are written in law and five in arts, theater, culture, and film studies. Three areas appear to be particularly critical for the rejection: akribeia (accuracy and precision), methodological issues, and results and analysis. (HRK / Abstract übernommen) Stigmar, Martin, E-Mail: