HRK Hochschulrektorenkonferenz Die Stimme der Hochschulen

Alliance of Science Organisations on the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU

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International researchers: new leaflet provides information on residence permits

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HRK ahead of the recommendation by the Imboden Commission on the Excellence Initiative: Do not place the future procedure under false time constraints

German universities are anxiously awaiting the so-called Imboden Commission's recommendations on the Excellence Initiative. HRK President Horst Hippler: "I am confident that the commission will make one thing clear: those who want to promote scientific excellence can only do this in a science-driven procedure. If the federal government and federal states were to dilute this principle, it would put their own success at risk. Universities from every region must be given the opportunity to present their plans which must allow for collaborating with the partners of their choice across Germany.



The HRK university clearing system opens on 1 February

Already from 1 February, German universities will once again be providing information on available study places via the HRK university clearing system platform, where they announce the degree courses with places still available for the 2016 summer semester. This year it is opening one month earlier than the previous years to deal with some of the universities' early deadlines in the admission procedure.



Rectors' conferences: Criticism of how researchers who are critical of the government are treated in Turkey

The HRK, Austria (uniko) and Switzerland (swissuniversities) are looking upon the Turkish state's treatment of its researchers who are critical of the government with grave concern. Presidents Prof. Dr. Horst Hippler (HRK), Dr. Sonja Hammerschmid (uniko) and Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner (swissuniversities) fiercely criticised the Turkish government’s repression of those who signed the petition entitled "We Will not be a Party to this Crime" and called for freedom of expression to be protected in Turkey.