HRK Hochschulrektorenkonferenz Die Stimme der Hochschulen

European elections: Touchstones for the German parties

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International researchers: new leaflet provides information on residence permits

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HRK Research Map: Institutional research priorities at German universities

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Governments are protecting agricultural subsidies to the disadvantage of research and innovation

EU budget negotiations for 2015 have resulted in European government leaders planning to cut payments for research and innovation by 11% over the proposals of the European Commission. €1.1 billion would no longer be available. In contrast, agricultural subsidies have remained almost unaffected, with a mere 0.1% cut: a clear imbalance. HRK President Horst Hippler has called publicly upon the European Parliament to correct these wrongly set priorities in the coming negotiations on the 2015 budget.



HRK welcomes improvement in basic funding for universities in Baden-Württemberg

Following the announcement by the government of Baden-Württemberg that it intends to increase basic funding for its universities by €1.7 billion over the next five years, HRK-President Horst Hippler has welcomed the move as an important signal and a step in the right direction.



Universities and business leaders call for more immigration via the science and research system

The Confederation of German Employers' Associations and the HRK are pushing to win more international graduates from German universities to take up careers in Germany and for the universities to play a greater role in encouraging immigration. The universities and business leaders have agreed to work more closely together in future to improve the results of international university students and to persuade them to stay in Germany.