HRK Hochschulrektorenkonferenz Die Stimme der Hochschulen

International researchers: new leaflet provides information on residence permits

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HRK Research Map: Institutional research priorities at German universities

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German Rectors' Conference worldwide active

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The dispute between the federal states and the federal government is putting research at universities at risk The HRK is calling for financing to cover the real costs

The Senate of the HRK has emphatically urged the federal government and the federal states to put aside their dispute over financing of what is called the "overheads" of research projects. "If the dispute between the federal government and the federal states were really to result in no further financing of overheads, research and higher education policy would go to the wall and it would spell the demise of many important research projects," said HRK President Horst Hippler. The HRK Senate therefore urged for the state financing of overheads to be safeguarded.



German-Japanese conference on the role of universities in the future

What can and should be the role of universities in Japan and Germany in the future? Around 250 experts met on the invitation of the HRK, the German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo and the University of Tokyo in Tokyo yesterday for talks on this issue. Their aim was to identify the similarities between the higher education systems and prospects for the future against the background of globalisation and to explore ways in which the two countries could work more closely together.



HRK President on the new OECD education figures: Germany cannot ease up

On the occasion of the publication of the OECD Statistics "Education at a Glance", Professor Dr. Horst Hippler, President of the HRK, warned about systematically continuing along the same course in promoting education.