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Study interests test: ZEIT ONLINE and HRK launch a new guidance tool for students

9. January 2014

ZEIT ONLINE and the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) are jointly launching a new and, for Germany, unique procedure to help students plan their higher education.

Known as the SIT, it is the first to be used at higher education institutions throughout Germany and includes every undergraduate course. "We are delighted to offer this tool with ZEIT ONLINE. It can help prospective students to select the course they want to take and the higher education institution they wish to attend," said Dr Thomas Kathöfer, General Secretary of the HRK. School-leavers will find an innovative tool which uses primarily their interests and their inclinations to guide them in the direction of a course. "Users have often approached us with this request for guidance. Our aid therefore represents an important step which will enhance and complement the course search engine and the CHE higher education institution ranking list," says Enrique Tarragona, Deputy General Manager of ZEIT ONLINE.

The procedure costs nothing to use and takes around 15 minutes. It is based on scientific findings and undergoes constant development. Prospective students supply 72 answers to questions about their interests which form the basis for a self-assessment from which a personal interest profile is generated. This is then correlated with the undergraduate courses in every higher education institution in Germany. Users can print a certificate that serves as official evidence that they have used a guidance procedure before they apply for or register for a place on a course. They are also given a personalised list of courses which match their interest profile.

The test is offered jointly by ZEIT ONLINE and the HRK and is an enhancement of the general interest test developed by the Hamburg-based company CYQUEST. CYQUEST was also involved in the technical realisation of the procedure and supports its ongoing development.

SIT is freely accessible in the Study section of ZEIT ONLINE at SIT has been added to the Higher Education Compass as a new section. Go to

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