Student numbers remain at record level: safeguarding the funding of the Higher Education Pact

25. November 2015

"The all-time high of far in excess of 2.7 million students shows the continuing willingness of German universities to give many young people the chance to enter higher education," commented the President of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK), Professor Dr. Horst Hippler, in response to the press release on current student numbers published today by the Federal Statistical Office.

As in previous years, the number of people enrolling at universities remains at a record level with over half a million new students. "This means that universities are perpetually working very hard for education in Germany," said the HRK President.

Hippler also gave an initial summing-up of the Higher Education Pact for the phase from 2011 to 2015. Within this programme, the federal government and the federal states have repeatedly agreed to jointly fund the anticipated additional new students. "For this period a total of 245 000 additional new students was anticipated compared with 2005. In fact, the figure is now over 720 000." This is partly due to the suspension of military service but mainly due to increased demand for higher education places.

"The HRK acknowledges the efforts made so far by the federal and state governments," said the HRK President. "But funding must also be secured for current and future additional demand for study places."