Professor from Marburg awarded the 2015 Ars Legendi Prize for digital teaching and digital learning

1. October 2015

Jürgen Handke, a Marburg-based Professor of English, will receive the 2015 Ars Legendi Prize for Excellence in Higher Education Teaching for his efforts in the field of digital teaching and digital learning. The prize of €50,000 is awarded jointly by the Stifterverband and the German Rectors' Conference.

The inverted classroom model, an international learning platform, a YouTube channel of his own, digital teaching and testing methods combined with excellent face-to-face teaching: Jürgen Handke, Professor of English at Philipps University Marburg, is one of the pioneers in digital teaching in the humanities. It is for this model that Jürgen Handke will receive the 2015 Ars Legendi Prize for Excellence in Higher Education Teaching from the Stifterverband and the German Rectors' Conference (HRK). The prize is endowed with €50,000.

Jürgen Handke has succeeded in extensively digitalising university teaching while also making great use of the opportunities afforded to face-to-face teaching. He applies the inverted classroom concept to achieve results and uses digital testing methods effectively. He has meticulously developed his teaching practices to perfect them for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as teachers-in-training at the Institute of English and American Studies. Handke has also spent many years working towards improving teaching at the University of Marburg and making more out of the opportunities that digitalisation offers. He also won the Hessian Award for Excellence in University Teaching back in 2013.

The Ars Legendi Prize recognises the special significance of university teaching in the training of early career academics. It is designed to ensure greater recognition of excellence in teaching, particularly when the commitment of an individual lecturer extends beyond his or her personal field of influence. The Stifterverband and the HRK believe that not only achievements in research but also in teaching should have a positive impact on an individual's academic career. The quality of teaching should be a key quality criterion and a strategic objective for leading universities.

The Stifterverband and the German Rectors' Conference awarded the Ars Legendi Prize to candidates in varying disciplines every year between 2006 and 2012. In 2013 the concept was modified to focus on one particular aspect of teaching and learning, the focus this year being on digital teaching and digital learning. The panel of judges included higher education teaching staff, as well as students and experts representing various fields. The winner was chosen from 56 nominees. Nominations are usually made at the suggestion of faculties, departments or student representatives; lecturers may also nominate themselves.

The 2015 Ars Legendi Prize will be formally presented on 29 October 2015 as part of the Smart Teaching – Better Learning conference at the Neue Mälzerei in Berlin.

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