HRK President welcomes improvement in basic funding for universities in Baden-Württemberg

9. January 2015

"An important signal which other federal states should follow"

Professor Dr. Horst Hippler, President of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK), has hailed the signing of the university funding contract in Baden-Württemberg as an important message. Under the agreement, basic university funding in the federal state will be increased by over EUR 1.5 billion over the next five years.

"With this significant improvement to basic funding, university financing is at last reflecting the reality of increasing energy, staff and infrastructure costs," said Professor Hippler. "Baden-Württemberg is sending a very important message which other federal states should heed."

With previously temporary funding from projects and funding programmes now on a permanent basis, the universities would be able to plan with confidence, the HRK President continued, emphasising that it would now be possible to create urgently needed posts or convert temporary appointments to permanent positions, which would make a very important contribution to improving the quality of the courses.

Professor Hippler was particularly pleased that the universities would now have greater autonomy: "It will allow the universities to put the money to use where they think it is most urgently needed." Baden-Württemberg was thus applying a successful principle, he said. "Universities have always developed better under a regime of self-reliance and freedom than with well-meaning instructions conferred upon them from a central body. I would like to see this awareness take hold in other federal states."