HRK President praises cooperation in education and training advice for refugees - Initiative launched in Baden-Württemberg

3. February 2016

"The initiative in Baden-Württemberg to provide advice on employment and education for refugees is an excellent example for others to follow," said the President of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK), commenting on a joint initiative presented today between the state government, universities, the State Association of Employers' Associations and Südwestmetall as representatives of industry and the Federal Employment Agency. The participants aim to work together more closely to offer refugees advice on education and training opportunities in Germany and plan joint information events.

HRK President Hippler pointed out that vocational training and higher education are equally important routes to integration through education. "In the interests of refugees, universities and the economy, it is essential to recognise individual abilities, skills and interests and help people identify suitable education and training options from the wide choice available. This is most effective when the parties involved work together closely, as they intend to do in Baden-Württemberg."

German universities have continuously been working hard to support the academic and social integration of refugees. In the view of the German Rectors' Conference, early in-depth advice on education and training opportunities as well as targeted language training and subject-specific preparatory courses are essential first steps toward success in higher education and employment.

To gather valid data on the current situation at universities, the HRK is currently undertaking a survey of its member institutions on the level of interest in courses of study and the number of refugees enrolled in preparatory courses.