Course of study interest test from HRK and ZEIT ONLINE: Over 500,000 tests completed in full in three years!

29. March 2017

The first school leaving examinations are on the horizon and the decision regarding which course of study to take draws closer. The course of study interest test (SIT) from the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and ZEIT ONLINE offers initial guidance to prospective students.

More than half a million completed tests have been recorded in the three years since it was launched – averaging more than 400 a day. With that said, the SIT is the most widely used course of study interest test in the German-speaking world (

The course of study interest test is a scientifically based self-test that acts as a course of study guide, providing a tangible result and suitable study options after just 15 minutes. In this way, the test helps to filter out a suitable selection from over 10,000 undergraduate programmes. The SIT is free, non-binding and completely anonymous. In addition, individual profiles of interest can be downloaded as a PDF file and used as a beneficial tool in student advisory services at a university.

The Higher Education Compass (, where the course of study interest test is embedded, provides information on course of study and doctoral opportunities at German universities which is regularly updated by the universities themselves.
The SIT is offered jointly by the HRK and ZEIT ONLINE and is an enhancement of the general interest test developed by the Hamburg-based company CYQUEST. CYQUEST was involved in the technical realisation of the test procedure and supports its ongoing monitoring.

The SIT can be accessed free of charge at and