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The Re-Audit Process

The Re-Audit “Internationalisation of Universities” lasts three and a half years. The key milestones in the process are the creation of an implementation plan at the beginning, two reports submitted by the university to record the progress of implementation, and a concluding visit to the university by the Re-Audit teamRe-Audit team
The Re-Audit team usually consists of two external advisors plus three HRK members ...

The individual stages are:

The Re-Audit Process


Receipt of contract documents

At the beginning of the Re-Audit process, a university will receive its starting documents, which consist of the contract, guidelines and a draft of the implementation plan. Thereafter, the university has six months to complete its implementation plan for the Re-Audit.

Implementation Plan

Submission of Implementation Plan

The implementation plan forms the basis for monitoring and for a final assessment of the success of implementation. It contains a detailed outline and description of all the internationalisation objectives and measures that the university aims to achieve and put into practice over the following three years. The implementation plan should also set out how the proposed stages of internationalisation are to be integrated into the university development plan. The Re-Audit team treats the implementation plan as confidential. It is up to the university to decide whether it makes the implementation plan accessible to third parties.

Planning Workshop

Planning Workshop (month 3)

Approximately three months after the submission of the implementation plan, the Re-Audit team conducts a half-day planning workshop at the university. The purpose of the workshop is to critically discuss the implementation plan. In addition to looking at the strategic aspects of the plan, particular emphasis is given to discussing the stringency and feasibility of the defined objectives and planned measures.
Following the planning workshop, the university has the opportunity to revise its implementation plan once more based on the outcome of discussions. By then, the implementation plan should be agreed by the relevant boards within the university and officially put into effect in order to secure engagement across the institution.

Interim Report

The University’s Interim Report (month 20)

For the purpose of ensuring a systematic and transparent process, the university submits an interim report to the HRK. In this report, the university documents the current state of implementation achieved. It also has the chance to elaborate on any internal or external factors that may have changed and thereby impacted the original plan, or that could do so in the future. 
The Re-Audit team analyses the interim report and uses it as a basis for assessing the expected success of the implementation by the end of the process. The university subsequently has the opportunity to make changes and adjustments to the implementation plan.

Final Report

The University’s Final Report (month 32)

At the end of the implementation phase, the university submits a final report to the HRK. Similar to the interim report, the final report contains information on how the internationalisation measures have been implemented. In addition, the university is expected to give an outlook of future priorities for its internationalisation.
The Re-Audit team undertakes an analysis of the final report and develops a programme for the Re-Audit visit. The programme is coordinated with the university.

Site Visit

Site Visit (month 35)

The site visit to the university partly serves as an exemplary inspection to establish how far individual internationalisation measures have been implemented. It also enables the Re-Audit team to engage in individual and group discussions with members of the university on how the international profile of the university should be developed in future.
The results of the site visit and the university’s final report form the basis for the findings report produced by the Re-Audit team.

Findings Report

Findings Report (month 38)

The university receives a findings report approximately three months after the site visit. This report provides a final assessment of implementation. Furthermore, recommendations are drafted for the future direction of the university’s internationalisation process.
It is up to the university to decide whether it makes the findings report accessible to third parties.
At the end of the Re-Audit process, the university receives a seal of participation.