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Networking Conference and Symposium

HRK-Audit - Networking Conference and Symposium
Berlin, 5¬-6 October 2016

On 5 October 2016, the HRK Audit “Internationalisation of Universities” held its annual Networking Conference, which was directed at all universities that have participated or are currently participating in the Audit. On 6 October, the HRK Audit hosted a Symposium for the general public. Both events took place in the Umweltforum (Besondere Orte), Berlin.

On 5 October, representatives of 80 Audit universities came together at the Networking Conference to exchange their views and ideas on a broad range of relevant topics regarding the internationalisation of universities. In six workshops the participants had the opportunity to discuss topics such as how to govern the internationalisation process, how to internationalise the curriculum, and how to address different stakeholders within the university such as professors, junior scientists, students fleeing their home country, and staff members of the universities’ administration.  

On the evening of 5 October, a total of 26 universities received their certificates of participation in the Audit or Audit kompakt processes.

On 6 October, the Symposium entitled “The Art of Internationalisation - How can different types of internationalisation be governed?” took place. The Symposium was open to the general public. Three pointed, short panel discussions focused upon different aspects of the topic, including the integration of refugees within German higher education institutions, the effect of socio-economic factors on student mobility, and the (further) development of distinct institutional profiles visibly comprising internationalisation. Finally, Professor Dr. Antonio Loprieno, former Rector of the University of Basel, President of the Swiss University Conference, and President of the Austrian Science Board,  linked the different topics discussed earlier with the overall question of the conference in a keynote lecture.

The program (in German) can be found in the sidebar on this page. The presentations and photos as well as the results of the workshops can be found on our German website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: audit-konferenz(at)hrk.de