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“How can Internationalisation at Home succeed? “

Audit Networking Conference and Symposium
Berlin, December 1-2, 2014 

More than 200 participants discussed various questions concerning the internationalisation of universities at this year’s two day Audit Networking Conference and Symposium in Berlin.

All 66 Audit-universities were given the opportunity to discuss various topics of internationalisation in eight different workshops on 1 December, ranging from strategic partnerships to incentive schemes for international activities. The presentations as well as the results of the workshops can be found on our German website.

At the evening reception, 29 universities received their certificates of participation in the Audit or Re-Audit-processes.

While the first day served as a networking opportunity for all universities which have participated in the Audit or are currently participating, the symposium on 2 December was open to the general public. It tackled the question, how internationalisation at home can succeed. Prof. em. Elspeth Jones from Leeds Beckett University presented a keynote lecture entitled “Should Internationalisation Begin at Home?” Afterwards, internationally renowned panelists discussed the internationalisation of curricula in various disciplines. A second panel dealt with the question whether internationalisation is still a topic for specialists, or if one should rather speak of a “mainstreaming of internationalisation.”