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On the following pages, you can find an overview of our annual events, in which the project presents itself to the national and international public. The events take up relevant issues of German universities’ internationalisation practice and offer an opportunity for networking and the exchange of experience.

Networking Conference and Symposium 2016

On 5 October 2016, the HRK Audit “Internationalisation of Universities” held its annual Networking Conference, which was directed at all universities that have participated or are currently participating in the Audit. On 6 October, the HRK Audit  hosted a Symposium for the general public. More

Study Visit Helsinki 2016

Study Visit
Helsinki, 8-10 June 2016

From 8-10 June 2016, the HRK Audit project, in cooperation with the University of Helsinki and Aalto University, carried out a study visit to Helsinki on the topic of “Internationalisation Mainstreaming”. More

"The University Between Global Mission and Local Vision"

Shop Talk 2015
Brussels, 1 October 2015

At lunch time on 1 October, experts from different European countries discuss the ambivalence between global mission and local mission for European universities. More

“How can Internationalisation at Home succeed? “

Audit Networking Conference and Symposium
Berlin, December 1-2, 2014

More than 200 participants discussed various questions concerning the internationalisation of universities at this year’s two day Audit Networking Conference and Symposium in Berlin.

“Promoting the International Attractiveness of European Higher Education – German Perspectives and Strategies”

An event hosted by the HRK and the BMBF
Brussels, 7 June 2011

The German Rectors' Conference (HRK) presented the HRK-Audit "Internationalisation of Universities", as part of a joint event with the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), to high-ranking representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament, and a large number of European academic and research organisations.

“Internationalisation in Practice: Challenges and Prospects”

Audit Conference 2010
Berlin, 29 30 September 2010

The Audit’s one-year pilot phase drew to a close with the conference “Internationalisation in Practice: Challenges and Prospects” held at the Umweltforum in Berlin on 29-30 September 2011. During the course of the conference, the HRK team and six pilot universities - alongside over 180 representatives from universities, ministries, and academic organisations - came away with an overwhelmingly positive assessment of the pilot phase. Another focus of the event was the future of internationalisation at German universities.

“Erfolgreich internationalisieren! Internationalität von Hochschulen erheben, bewerten und weiterentwickeln”

Audit Conference 2012
Bonn, 11
12 December 2012

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