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The Re-Audit "Internationalisation of Universities" helps those universities that have already been audited achieve their self-defined internationalisation goals and implement proposed measures. The Re-Audit builds on the results of the Audit and corresponds to its conceptual approach: It is a self-referential, needs-oriented, and comprehensive service.

The Re-Audit offers the following benefits:

  • the development of a medium-term implementation plan (three years) based on the Audit findings
  • a monitoring of the implementation process
  • a final assessment of the success of implementation
  • the re-evaluation of the university's international profile

The Re-Audit helps to develop the internationalisation process of participating universities in a structured and sustainable way, and to integrate it into the university development plan.

As with the Audit, the Re-Audit is carried out by a team of experienced external advisorsadvisors
All advisors are established experts in the field of university internationalisation ...
working with members of the university. The HRK organises and oversees the entire process.

Upon completion, the university receives an electronic sealseal
At the end of the Audit and the Re-Audit process the university receives ...
of participation.