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The Audit is offered to all HRK member institutions. The process is financed by the participating universities, for which the costs sum up to 38.000 EUR (+VAT). Smaller member institutions (less than 10.000 students) can apply for the Audit kompakt, a condensed version of the Audit which is specifically geared to the needs and capacities of small universities and those with a specific profile. The costs for participation in the Audit kompakt are 22.000 EUR (+VAT).  

The Audit and Audit kompakt cycle starts in January each year. A call for applications is send around by the HRK in each autumn. Prior to submitting an application, it is strongly advised that a consensus exists within the university regarding its participation, as the Audit process requires a substantial effort and intensive cooperation at all levels and between different stakeholders.

In selecting universities, the HRK strives to accurately represent Germany’s diverse higher education landscape. For this reason, selection is made based on type of institution, size (with regard to the total number of students), and its geographic location (with respect to the German Länder).

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