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Feedback of participating institutions

At the end of each Audit, the participating university is asked to complete a questionnaire to evaluate the Audit process and results. To this date, 66 institutions have taken part in the evaluation process. Here are some selected findings.

The participating universities describe the added value of the Audit as follows:

"The process of internationalisation was stimulated and has become an important issue across the institution."

"With the help of the recommendations reportrecommendations report
Three months after the site visit, the university receives a recommendations report ...
, as well as the discussions with the advisorsadvisors
All advisors are established experts in the field of university internationalisation ...
, the university will be able to further develop its internationalisation strategy in a focused manner."

"We assume that the university will highly benefit from the Audit, as the view of external experts will help keep the internationalisation process on an even keel."

Participating universities named the following aspects as particularly useful:

  • "stimulation of an internal discussion process within the university"
  • "an increased awareness of the importance of internationalisation and the  need for an internationalisation strategy "
  • "the self-reflection process"
  • "concrete recommendations" that are "very helpful for the internal development of the internationalisation process"