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German Rectors’ Conference publishes new brochure and announces internationalisation project

EUA Newsletter 17, 15.10.2010

The German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) has recently published the brochure “Creative Diversity – How German universities are making good use of the Bologna Process”.

Several German universities were visited to explore the recent changes on site and to find answers to and good practice on questions such as: “has the Bologna reform process succeeded?”

The brochure is available as a PDF in English.

A printed version of the publication can be ordered in either German or English by emailing: bolognaversand[at]hrk.de.

Meanwhile, HRK has also announced that six German universities have taken part in a pilot project involving an ‘internationalisation’ audit with distinguished national and international experts in order to provide concrete recommendations on the continuing development of the internationalisation strategy. With funding from Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the second phase of the ‘internationalisation’ project began on 1 September 2010 and will involve 45 additional universities.

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