The Audit "Internationalisation of Universities"

The Audit “Internationalisation of Universities”

Launched in 2009, the project “Audit ‘Internationalisation of Universities’” supports German universities in strategically organising their internationalisation and firmly establishing it within the institution. There are various tools that help Audit universities achieve their internationalisation goals, while all universities profit from the Audit’s publications and public events.

The Audit

The Audit’s main focus lies on assessing and analysing the university’s internationality (i.e. its current situation and the status quo of its internationalisation measures) and developing an institutional internationalisation strategy on this basis.

The Re-Audit

The Re-Audit supports universities which have already completed the Audit process in their transition from developing their strategy to actively implementing their internationalisation goals. The main aims of the Re-Audit are to devise a medium-term implementation plan, to monitor the implementation process, and to provide a final assessment of its success.

The Audit kompakt

From spring to autumn 2016, four institutions are taking part in the pilot phase of the Audit kompakt. This condensed version of the Audit has been developed particularly for small universities and those with a specific academic profile.

Public events

The Audit project also organises national and international events that focus on current topics in the field of internationalisation. These events provide an opportunity for discussions and networking activities between stakeholders who represent internationalisation at their respective universities.


Various examples of good practice in internationalisation are presented in a range of publications as well as on the project website, which is regularly updated with new “success stories” from German universities.

Calls for applications for upcoming Audit cycles will be advertised on the project’s website.